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Shu-yu Guo JSTools 2012

Doing good is part of our code.


Step Debugger


State of the Art

That's nice. But don't we live in the future now?

Tools the Future Needs

  • Integrated
  • Transparent
  • Visualized


  • ...into the browser
    • Chrome can edit DOM in tree
    • FF's Scratchpad
  • ...into the JS programming experience.
    • Flapjax
    • FF's debugger API

Debugger API

Use the Browser, Luke

  • Addons less scary than going into the guts
  • FFI: ctypes
  • Debugger API


...into the web environment

The web is more than JS!

CSS is weird and hard-to-understand.


...into the web environment, which is dynamic

eval... seems legit?

  • JITs
  • Partial evaluation
  • Optimization. (Crazy, I know.)

eval is a legitimate tool in web developers' toolbox.

Static Analysis

Traditional static analyses have been a poor fit. Why?

  • Precision and soundness
  • Poor integration with runtime info


JIT performance is unpredictable

#1:00039:   6  getgname "C"
  typeset 1: object[1] <0x102110980>
  type 0: object[1] <0x102110980>
#1:00044:   6  undefined
  type 0: void
#1:00045:   6  new 0
  typeset 2: object[1] [0x102100220]
  type 0: object[1] [0x102100220]
#1:00048:   6  setgname "c"
  type 0: object[1] [0x102100220]
#1:00053:   6  pop
#1:00054:   5  gnameinc "i"
#1:00060:   5  bindgname "i"
  type 0: missing
#1:00065:   5  getgname "i"
  typeset 3: int
  type 0: int
  barrier: void
#1:00070:   5  pos
  type 0: int
#1:00071:   5  dup

Programming Model

Dynamic + Higher-Order + Async

Programming Model

  • Better way to debug asynchronous code?
  • How do we even surface more info?
  • Can analyses help?


  • Better feedback loop with developer
  • Performance and profiling tools
  • Augment analyses
  • Compress wealth of information
  • Bang for your buck

Visualizing Code Info

  • Frequencies (performance, static)
  • Runtime information

Visualizing Time

Code Mapping

numbers = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
evens = n for n in numbers when m % 2 is 0
$ bin/coffee test.coffee 
ReferenceError: m is not defined
    at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/shu/cs/test.coffee:8:9)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/shu/cs/test.coffee:13:4)
    at Module._compile (module.js:446:26)
    at Object.run (/Users/shu/cs/lib/coffee-script.js:88:25)
    at /Users/shu/cs/lib/command.js:183:29
    at /Users/shu/cs/lib/command.js:152:18

Not helpful!

Let's Dream Bigger


Open & Queryable

...of JavaScript

  • Crawlable
  • Very, very valuable for all

...of profiled information

  • GC
  • Energy

Research Browser

  • Can it be in JS?
  • Also very valuable for all

Take Home


Brainstorming aided by Dave Herman and Michael Bebenita